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As an advertiser of Northwest Retirement Magazine we will work with you on developing and creating your ads if you require this service. We will also help you to develop a comprehensive Marketing Plan that may encompass advertising in other publications and media. Each month when your ad is published, we will help you evaluate the results and improve on your positioning in the marketplace. We allow you to write periodic articles for the magazine that enhance your image in the community and with your "target market."

If you wish a current rate sheet and access to our promotional and "special" rates please contact our office at 1-360-927-3991 or email us at:

Magazine Distribution
Northwest Retirement Magazine is distributed in Whatcom county.
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Publication Guidelines
The advertiser and its agency assume liability for all content of advertisements and for any claims arising therefrom against NW Retirement. The advertiser and its agency agree to indemnify and hold NW Retirement harmless from and against any damage or expense by reason of any claim or demand relating, directly or indirectly, to publication of the advertisement or a breach of any of the advertiser's or its agency's representations or warranties.

All contents of advertisement are subject to the publisher's approval. NW Retirement reserves the right to reject, cancel or request that changes be made to any advertisement, insertion order, space reservation or position commitment at any time at its sole discretion. NW Retirement reserves the right to insert the word "advertisement" above or below any ad copy.

The publisher does not approve, endorse, or sponsor any product, program or service advertised, unless otherwise specified; and, neither advertiser nor its agency shall make any representation to the contrary.

Non Authorized Advertising
None of the following advertising will be accepted by NW Retirement within this particular publication:
Adult, Mature or Pornographic
Vulgar, Racist or Offensive material
Political or otherwise
Sublet advertisments

Mechanical Print Requirements
All ads must be submitted in digital format. It is the advertiser's responsibility to check ad(s) for accuracy before forwarding them to the publisher, as well as after final proofs are posted to the FTP site. Notice will be given to advertisers when final proofs are posted for review and approval.